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March 12, 2007 - Weekly Show Guide 03/12/07
This is the weekly entertainment guide for Las Vegas March 12th to March 18th. 2007
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March 13, 2007 - Stardust Hotel and Casino implosion
One of the Gems of the Las Vegas Strip the Stardust Hotel and Casino is imploded on March 13, 2007. Quote: The last of the mobster run casinos. With such a sordid history, how could we ever forget her? This resort embodied mobster mentality of skimming, scamming, and knockin' em off. Her history has so many twists and turns that her story was even made into the 1995 movie CASINO staring Robert De Niro, Joe Pesci, and Sharon Stone.
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March 19, 2007 - Weekly Show Guide 03/19/07
This is the weekly entertainment guide for Las Vegas March 19th to March 25th.2007
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December 31, 1996 - Hacienda Implosion
Watch the fireworks as the Hacienda Hotel is imploded on New Year's Eve 1996.
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October 05, 1999 - Dixie Dooley
On Oct, 5 1999, Dixie Dooley escapes from a strait jacket on stage at the Plaza and also does it again upside down while hoisted 100 feet above the crowd by a crane in front of the Plaza.
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