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Video help for LViTV.com

Video help for LViTV.com

You must have Adobe Flash installed on your computer to view any of the videos available on LViTV.com. If all you see is a blank spot where the video should be, you will need to download and install Flash. We really wish there was better way to do this.

Click Here to Download FLASH

A broadband Internet connection is required to watch video. (dial up users are out of luck) Even if you have a broadband connection the videos might stop or hesitate. This is a problem of buffering the video. The solution is to wait a minute for the video to "Catch up" to your connection.

Are you using the default "Microsoft Internet Explorer" Web Browser that came with your system? LViTV.com encourages users to use the best Internet Browser available: Firefox. Firefox will be faster, better and more secure. Best of all - it's free for download and use.

Get Firefox here

Please remember that all of the video content on LViTV.com is copyrighted. You may watch and share links with your friends only.

It has been reported that older PC computers simply can not play Flash Video. Even with a broadband Internet connection a PC computer running below 1.6 Ghz might have problems. We have witnessed strange audio and video hesitations or chirping as the video tries to play on these old computers. We suggest the best way to correct these player problems is buy a computer built during 2006 or later. For PC users we suggest AMD single or dual 64 bit processors running faster than 1.6ghz.

It has been reported that the Opera Internet Browser as well as other non Microsoft or Mozilla browsers might have trouble playing Flash Video. A quick solution to this problem can be to use the primary Internet Browser that came with your computer operating system.

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