Every day we are getting closer to realistic Internet video broadcasting. In many ways "TV Quality" Internet video is here today. The major problems we face are computer speed, Internet connection speed, and compression software.

Basically, if you're running a 400MHZ Intel/AMD processor, 65000-color video, Windows 95/98/NT/2000 computer with a DSL/Cable/T1 or faster connection, you can view full screen programming from today. (300x200 zoomed to full screen)

If you only have a dial up connection (56K modem or slower), it is still possible to view lower quality video or just listen to our programming. If you have the patience, you can download the video files (we allow this) and view without streaming. has been an ongoing project since 1998. We have reviewed and continue to review players and compression schemes for Internet Video. We feel that's Real Player is more than worth your time to download and install. The Real player "basic" version is free and it is our opinion that it is "head over heels" better than Microsoft's Media Player.

We offer 56K & 100K versions in Microsoft Media Player since most Windows users already have that player installed. (We've noticed that Microsoft continues to update their product almost monthly, so you may have to download an update to play a video.) If you're going to be a regular visitor to, we suggest you download the free Real Player Basic.

For all you loyal Mac users, Real Player Basic is now available for the Mac. QuickTime is a great format and delivers quality video. Unfortunately we don't have the time or server space to support 3 unique video standards.
We have done our best to make our player pages self-explanatory.

1.) Click to play at your fastest connection speed.
2.) Audio Only. (28.8 minimum speed)
3.) Click to download free Real Video Player Basic.
4.) Click to download free Windows Media Player.
5.) Your opinion counts. Drop us an E-mail!

Take your time, be patient and enjoy.

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